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Barrons Vocabulary with Bangla Meaning PDF

Barrons Vocabulary with Bangla Meaning PDF: Hello there, dear students. You are about to start on an adventure that will not only broaden your vocabulary but will also open doors to a world of information and opportunities. Today, we’d like to offer you the “Barron’s Vocabulary with Bangla Meaning PDF.” This comprehensive Barron’s vocabulary resource is a game changer whether you are a student preparing for competitive examinations, an English language lover, or simply someone eager to extend your linguistic horizons. In this blog article, we’ll look at the relevance of this PDF and how it might help you on your language-learning journey.

Barrons Vocabulary with Bangla Meaning PDF

Barron’s Vocabulary with Bangla Meaning:

In order to improve your vocabulary with Barron’s Vocabulary with Bangla Meaning PDF, it’s critical to grasp how these terms are used in everyday situations. Let’s look at some concrete examples that demonstrate the power of these words in both English and Bangla. This practical approach not only enhances memorising but also provides you with the ability to successfully employ these words in your speech and writing. So, let’s look at a few examples that highlight the breadth of this vocabulary pool. Please feel free to expand on this paragraph with concrete examples to demonstrate the utility of Barron’s Vocabulary with Bangla meanings. Here are some Barron’s Vocabulary with Bangla Meaning:-

English Word Bangla Meaning
Aberration ব্যতিক্রমণ
Benevolent দানশীল
Capitulate আত্মসমর্পণ করা
Debilitate দুর্বল করা
Ebullient উত্সাহী
Eccentric উদ্দিপন্থী
Fallacious ভুল
Garrulous বাকপ্রবন্ধ
Harangue লঘুপ্রচুর কথা
Iconoclast আলোচক
Juxtapose পাশাপাশি দেওয়া
Kaleidoscope মঙ্গলগ্রন্থি
Lethargic অলস
Macabre ভীষণ
Nefarious দুরাচারী
Obfuscate অবজ্ঞানগোষ্ঠী করা
Pernicious বিপদজনক
Quixotic অসম্ভব উদ্দেশ্য
Reticent অল্পভাষী
Sycophant চাপলুস
Taciturn মৌন
Ubiquitous সর্বত্র উপস্থিত
Voracious অত্যন্ত প্রাণপ্রিয়
Whimsical অদ্ভুত
Xenophobia বিদেশীদ্বেষ
Yielding শাস্ত্রোচিত
Zephyr মিলধ্বনি
Zealot কটুতর অনুশাসক
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