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3000 English Words with Meaning in Hindi PDF

3000 English Words with Meaning in Hindi PDF: Dear visitors, you’re about to embark on an exciting journey as you download the “3000 English Words with Meaning in Hindi PDF” right here. This valuable resource is your key to expanding your English vocabulary while effortlessly understanding their Hindi meanings. Whether you’re a student looking to excel in exams, a professional seeking to enhance your communication skills, or simply someone eager to enrich your language proficiency, this PDF has got you covered.

3000 English Words with Meaning in Hindi PDF

Some Examples of English Words with Meaning in Hindi:

Here are some examples of English words with their Hindi meanings from the “3000 English Words with Meaning in Hindi PDF.” These words have been thoughtfully selected to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of everyday vocabulary and essential terms that can be applied in various contexts. Whether you’re looking to improve your reading, writing, or speaking skills, these examples will serve as a valuable reference point. So, let’s explore a few of these words to get a glimpse of the rich linguistic tapestry that awaits you in this PDF.

English Word Hindi Meaning
Brave बहादुर
Clever चतुर
Calm शांत
Nervous घबराया हुआ
Friendly मित्रपूर्ण
Shy लज्जाशील
Honest ईमानदार
Dishonest अईमानी
Tall लम्बा
Short छोटा
Fast तेज
Slow धीमा
Bright उज्ज्वल
Dark अंधेरा
Polite शिष्ट
Rude अकद्दू
Generous उदार
Selfish स्वार्थी
Kind दयालु
Mean कड़ा
Loud अधिक शोर
Quiet शांत
Caring देखभाल करने वाला
Lazy आलसी
Hardworking मेहनती
Gentle लगाने वाला
Harsh कठोर
Patient सब्री
Impatient अधीर
Healthy स्वस्थ
Sick बीमार
Clean साफ
Dirty गंदा
Smart चालाक
Stupid मूर्ख
Lively जीवंत
Dull कुंठित
Tidy संज्ञानशील
Messy बेहद अराजक
Successful सफल
Unsuccessful असफल
Pleasant सुखद
Unpleasant असुखद
Curious जिज्ञासु
Indifferent उदासीन
Responsible जिम्मेदार
Irresponsible अजिम्मेदार
Humble विनम्र
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3000 English Words with Meaning in Hindi PDF Overview:

PDF Name: 3000 English Words with Meaning in Hindi
No. of Pages: 189
PDF Size: 1.90 MB
PDF Category: English-Hindi
Last Updated: October 10, 2023
Source / Credits: Multiple Sources

If the download link does not work, please don’t hesitate to comment below, and our dedicated team will promptly address the issue. Your feedback is valuable to us, as we strive to provide you with the best resources to enhance your English language skills. Thank you for choosing our “3000 English Words with Meaning in Hindi” guide, and we hope it proves to be a valuable tool in your language learning journey.

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